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28 October 2009
The Best Methods For Teaching a Child Who Has Autism

It is so important that it is given after the diagnosis of autism as a parent, guardian or teacher confirms accept all the tools and knowledge to learn and educate children with autism. There is a wealth of information on autism and books available, and learn everything there is to know about very personal journey and interesting, so what we try.

Using knowledge to understand their friends and relatives to help them become what is expected of them. You must defend their decisions, and you can even get hostile looks when in public with an autistic child. His knowledge, education and interaction are an essential component of this complex disorder called autism.

There are many educational interventions on children with autism, such as development or behavior that children's responses, which may in social skills, communication and cognitive skills, not a panacea, but the change only improved symptoms.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Emphasis is placed on changing the behavior of a system of rewards and punishments, which in some cases. This is used by therapists trained to create a learning program structured for the individual child. Please note that should be taught at least four hours per day for each factor of considerable importance in behavior.

"Floor Time" therapy or DIR (Developmental Individual Differences reference) is increasingly the speech today. This intervention focuses on the emotional attachment to parents / guardians and children. Floor Time emphasizes the development of love in the child while trying to bridge the development gap between where the child is and where they belong. This method is also good for at least four different structured and requires hours a day.

Method Miller tries to bridge the gap between cognitive science, in which a child and where they belong. This method tries to see the child and help children make sense of the environment to cause confusion. In addition, to make appropriate decisions within a limited environment of the routines and rituals.

Verbal Behavior. This is an updated version of the last of the ABA and stresses the techniques of verbalization of the child.

TEACCH (Treatment and Education of children with autism and children with disabilities communication) approaches to facilitate the successful treatment of autism with their forces.

Daily Life Therapy focuses on the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children who interact successfully in groups and in society.

Building Relationships intervention focused on supporting children with autism to share their joys of life with others through interaction and emotional development of connectivity.

To know when you select a program or activity that many methods could be useful. Research to ensure that it is good for your child. Make sure the child's needs are met when choosing a flexible, skilled, sensitive and caring professional and feel comfortable working with your child.
Autism is a neurological disorder that affects 1 in 100 children born in North America. His capture autistic child early because of the situation in which the company operates today.

To learn more about autism and education.

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